Class Offerings



PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – Learn the methodology and  basics of Zentangle to continue on a beautiful journey to further personal exploration, as well as additional group class options.  Harmony Inspired Art offers weekly sessions via Zoom for students who have already taken this first class, allowing you to cherry-pick sessions you would like to attend once you know the basics.  There are always new classes in the works so there is something for everyone!  A great and fun art form for anyone!

HEALTH & WELLNESS For caregivers and patients, or for those in need a change of pace or “Staycation”, Zentangle offers great opportunity to try out a new interest, working at your pace.  The step-by-step process promotes focus, mindfulness, relaxation, and a sense of well-being.

SOCIAL GROUPS – Set up a Zoom session with friends, family or co-workers for a birthday activity, bridal shower, anniversary, graduation or other special event.

BUSINESS – Offering group session workshops via Zoom, or a series of progressive sessions for your weekly or monthly meetings.  This is a great icebreaker that brings groups together as a relaxing alternative to traditional Meet & Greet or Happy Hour events.  Zentangle offers great opportunity to strengthen teams, promote cohesiveness and diversity in the workplace, whilst all working towards a common goal.  Great for team building in facilitated corporate events or for your company event.  Also great as a lunch break activity for stress relief.

FUND RAISING EVENTS – Unique fundraising opportunities!

OTHER INTEREST GROUPS?  Please reach out to us to design a lesson plan to fit your specific needs.